Saturday, October 27, 2007

Protect Yourself When Interviewed by the Bachelor

Jesse Palmer was downright giddy to be interviewing Tim Tebow on this morning's College Game Day, telling Tebow how there are these "Facebooks" out there with "blogs" saying that "Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas." Now we aren't hip enough to have these "Facebook" things (read: we are old). But at the very least we know they are quite popular amongst the kids. Palmer's enthusiasm/excitement made these "blogs" out to be somewhat groundbreaking with their "facts" about Tebow. Gee where have we seen those before? Journalism at its finest.

Lastly, Palmer noted that in his days at Florida they won quite a few games, but he doesn't remember people catching Jesse Palmer Fever the way they've caught Tim Tebow Fever.

Simple explanation: They were too busy catching Jesse Palmer Gonorrhea.

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rhymeister said...

LOL on the last sentence!