Friday, December 28, 2007

Apology to Tiki 4 Months Overdue


Just before Christmas, we pointed readers to the Giants Forum to give those of you not in the NY metro region a feeling about how fans feel and what they are saying about Giant QB Eli Manning. We ain't gonna lie to ya, there is no love lost on this site for Elisha.

Thumbing through the board this afternoon, folks up in the Meadowlands are still none to pleased with their field general.

Earlier in the season, Fat Willard and me (Ren) had an argument over Tiki Barber's comments on his former teammate. Willard, a Giants fan, basically came back with the same general response most Giants fans had at the time - "F*ck, you, Tiki." I on the other hand, never a Manning fan, said, "Hey, he's a journalist now, he's telling it like he sees it," (whether it was a dick move or not to throw his former backfield partner under the bus). Because frankly, Tiki really didn't say anything all that ground breaking. Anyone who's had the "pleasure" of watching Eli for the last four years would tell you, if they were being honest, that Tiki was simply stating what everyone already thought.

My big beef with Elisha goes back to draft day, and the shananigans he and daddy pulled to get him to New York in the first place. Sure, he wasn't the first (ahem, Elway) and probably won't be the last, but it was simply poor form on the whole family's part.

What's worse is that the aftermath has just been the complete melt down under the hot Big City lights by the bumbling little brother from Weesie-anna.

Here is a comment today by poster silviorules titled "Eli:"

Listen. Here is why people dont like Eli, at least why I dont.

A.) He gets drafted, without winning any big games in college and is the no brainer #1 where I dont know if he should have been.

B.) Draft Day, he DEMANDS not to play in San Diego, so the giants give up a quartet of draft picks to go get him.

C.) He has not made any great strides since he has joined the giants, and dont tell me he has, becasue its painfully obvious that he hasnt.

D.) They got a great offensive line, they have a great running game, they have a great pass catching TE, a #1 WR, Plax, a great #2 in Amani Toomer nad more than suitable spare part WRS

E.) He hated Hufnagle and wanted Gilbride and Palmer. He got them, and he still hasnt gotten better this season.

F.) I know people say i dont know how he is as a leader behind closed doors, id guess its the same as he is on the field. that dumb look, that flabbergasted expression constantly.

G.) You never see him consulting with players on the bench, he is always looking at the paper with his coach, football is more than X's and O's its emotion, its rhythm, its getting a feel for eachother, he doesnt have that nor does he want it.

The bottom line is, we are where we are, because we stop the run and we run the ball very well.The team is very susceptable to great passing teams, and the pass defense basically is blitzing, if they get to the QB the game is gonna go well, if they dont, we are on our backs.

When Eli puts up his best numbers are when he is in the gun facing teams in a deep shell cover 4, giving up the underneath stuff.

He flutters so many passes, makes so many crucial errors.

Rothlisberger, Brady they won right off the bat,

I cant tell you how many games i have listened to this, "Vince Young is in his second year he has to start showing improvment now" However Eli is in his 4th year and they say O well its only his fourth year...

Im sick of people defending him, let him take his lumps, maybe he will produce....

Well said, silviorules.

4 and a half months later, fans owe Tiki an apology. So does Elisha.

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