Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Biggest Loser Blackout

(I first need to come clean and mention that I did not actually watch this last night... I feel asleep at like 9. Yes, pathetic, I know.)

For the first time in Loser history, 1 team will face off against each other in the finale.

Jillian Michaels successfully took the "leftovers" from the first episode and made them into lean, mean, fighting machines, and 4 of her original 6 team members will face the scale on last time next Tuesday night.

I learned about Neil's elimination this morning, when Ren told me that he happened to catch the end of the show montage with "That dude who cheated." I have to say... I was shocked. I really thought Neil had what it took to win it all. Lord knows he had the weight to lose. It'll be interesting to see how much he lost total when they show him again next week.

I have to say, Jillian was always my favorite trainer. That bi*ch is crazy as hell, but she instilled in her team what was needed to fight to the bitter end. Ren even mentioned last night that she was yelling and screaming to her players that they were the ones no one wanted, and yet the four of them were still there, 3 months later.

A good season, for sure. I think Jim will emerge victorious. No way the girls can beat him.

And just so you all know, 0nce BL is done, my next focus will be the revived American Gladiators beginning Jan. 6, 2008 on NBC.

Wouldn't it be great if these guys were the gladiators??

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