Monday, December 3, 2007

Diary of an Ex-HS Softball Player: Entry 11

Entry 11: Shake Your Tail Feather

On Wednesday the 28 of November, our company had a bowling party at the Brunswick Lanes in (Town Withheld). The initials D.M. were shown overhead. I was two lanes to the left and focused on completing a spare when I heard the shattering of ten defenseless pins.

Oh yes Gentlemen! A turkey pranced across the screen. D.M. thrusts her fist and rejoices. Curiosity took over, I maneuvered over to her lane, watched her slug down the rest of her Yuengling and hot wings, and glance up at the score. She fired a 187, went on to bowl 3 more games all eclipsing 150. Absolute monster.

Later seen doggy-baggin' left over sub sandwich parts and wings.

No, Pete Weber, you suck it.

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