Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mitchell Report Trickle

Fans of baseball have had mixed reactions to the Mitchell Report, some will always be avid fans and others are on the extreme have sworn off the sport similar to the strike of 1994, but most probably lie somewhere in between.

But now, we are beginning to see the true trickle down affects that are causing outrage across the fan spectrum. Yesterday, the impacts of the Mitchell Report hit home for me.

While having a relaxing evening playing MLB '07 the Show on my PSP, my new opponent was the already roid filled Yankees, but to my utter dismay the Yankmees further artificially stacked their lineup in the offseason by acquiring Miguel Tejada. Thankfully, my beloved Tigers were able to power their way to victory (no roids in my lineup). Still, what the hell?

(Coincidence big headed bobbleheads became popular during steroid era?)

Do I have a right to edit my opponents' players' attributes? Does Sony, EA or MLB have a patch that I can download to accurately portray players' skill levels pending the amount of butt shots they've taken? I am in year five of season mode (3 World Series titles), what can they do for me?

Bud Selig needs to know that gamers were damaged too and demand retribution. Selig does not understand that steroids have not only damaged the trust of fans and the testicles of the players, but it goes deeper.

I lost my family fantasy league on the last day of the season. Neck and neck after the All Star break. The winner had Shef and Tejada. That's money out of my pocket!! Who knows what this going to do to the family makeup when I demand my money back.

Add gamers and fantasy owners to a growing list that are now in pain. Beware of the steroid trickle. It may ruin your evening and family.

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