Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Roll Tide, Namath Graduates

SI/AP: Jake Gyllenhaal Joe Namath graduating 42 years after leaving 'Bama

(Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

It's easy to poke fun at Joe Namath for his nationally televised public intoxication, but truth is, the pretty boy was as great a showman as he was a hardnosed fighter.

Previously, I've mentioned the book Namath: A Biography by Mark Kriegel. I noted that:

"I'm not sure if I should credit Namath with changing the sport of professional football in ushering in the glitz and glamour of the game today, not to mention that of the modern superstar, or if I just plain should view him as a selfish dick. I’m torn between disgust and admiration. I think I’m leaning more toward pity. But he was a much tougher sonofabitch than I ever gave him credit for, and I can’t fault his taste in woman and liquor. I think his numbers were borderline terrible at times, but I think his health was more to blame than his ability."

I still believe all that, but I also currently give him credit for continuing to tackle his demons. And returning to school 42 years the fact to finish what he started is commendable.

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