Monday, December 24, 2007

Seasons Greetings, Fredo

Think Eagles fans are rough on McNabb? Check out Giants' fans feelings on Eli's impending date with New England and the upcoming playoffs on the Giants Forum.

Here's a taste of the Meadowlands' faithfuls' views on their "fearless" leader this Christmas Eve...


lets not his subpar performance effect our feelings for this team. Our rushing defense got on track, and our defense played great! Don't let your opinions on Eli overcome the good from our team and the potential we have


Sorry,we know after the Pats game our home schedule is done for year,why get Mannings confidence any lower with a meaningless game..let him rest and worry about his week 1 playoff game on road against TB..there is nothing to gain in this spot!!


[Eli's passer rating of 70] is bad enough, but when you factor in his immobility and "dear in the headlights" lack of leadership he is nothing short of horrendous. The trade for him ranks right up there with the worst in NFL history.

Merry Christmas, Fredo. Say hi to Cooper for us this holiday dinner.


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