Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Alycia Lane: Latina Heat!

The Philly Daily News reports today that everyone's favorite anchor, Alycia Lane, has "filed a praecipe to issue writ of summons, typically a precursor to a lawsuit, against CBS3 Tuesday in Common Pleas Court."

Here's where things get interesting - Lane's personal file which mentions a number of gentlemen with whom the vixen apparently had some sort of rendezvous or another with (innocent or otherwise), that she wants buried:
The legal filing also asks for Lane's CBS3 personnel file as well as any documents related to her Jan. 7 termination and any documents that reference her ex-husbands Dino Calandriello, Jay Adkins, as well as Dr. Phil McGraw, on whose show she cried, Prince Albert of Monaco, whom the New York Post's Page Six reported she had flirted with, and of course Rich Eisen, the married NFL Network anchor to whom Lane e-mailed bikini pics of herself, therefore upsetting his wife Suzy Shuster. Any documents pertaining to Shuster are also being sought by Lane.
But wait! There's more! She's letting her fiery Latina blood boil over and possibly hinting at a race-based suit:
Lane and attorney Rosen have also asked for any documents or personnel files pertaining to the firing by CBS3 of "any other anchor or reporter of Latina descent, African-American descent or the descent of any other minority group." Could Lane, dubbed the "Latina Bombshell" by the People Paper's Stu Bykofsky in 2003, be playing the race card?

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