Thursday, January 31, 2008

Be Like Tom? Doubt it.

The normal school-boy crushes that folks like Madden and King have on Favre, Romo and the rest of the handsome QB club is alarming, but often taken out of context and twisted into more then what it really is; just the media pushing the wholesome, All-American football player.

But then this article is flat-out homosexual adoration.

Brady thrives in role as ‘stud of the NFL’

He smiles so easily and has that aw-shucks thing down so well you want to take a core sample of his brain to see what’s really going on inside the remarkable head of Tom Brady.

Look, I'll admit it. Most guys will admit it. Tom Brady is a good looking guy. We get it. We didn't need him holding baby goats for us to notice. But this article is probably better for the pages of the OUT! Football Issue then on a sports website.

This is what bothers me about this article. Celizic CHOSE this angle. He is a well known writer with an extensive and impressive career. (I just assume wearing that hat should bring with it a pretty good resume. It better bring a god damn Pulitzer to be able to pull it off.) The fact that he actually called his editors and said 'I am writing a story about how easily and handsomely Brady plays the game and how the other guys wish they were like him.' THAT is what bothers me.

Players don't want to be Tom Brady. I bet half the players don't even like Tom Brady. Sure he is a good guy, but he is the good looking, hot chick dating, modeling, millionaire, three Super Bowl winning QB of an undefeated team that could go down as the greatest of all time. The entire league would love nothing more than to see him get face planted into the turf. It's because they are competitors, and not fans. Big difference.

Oh, and Peter King is PISSED right now. This is his schtick a-hole.

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Ren McCormack said...

Travis Henry would like a word as to why, after all his "hard" work, he was overlooked in voting for "stud" of the league.