Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Biggest Loser - Couples

What a way to start the new year.... Ren and Fat Willard rocked out to Guitar Hero on NYE.... we had a New Years Day filled with fun and hijinx with the crazy Shaw family.... and capped it off with a night of Law-and-Order (I think we watched like 5 episodes... no joke) and Biggest Loser - Couples.

Ren seems to think this show won't make it in our household for 10+ weeks. As I stuffed my face with a variety of chicken wings and salt-and-vinegar chips, I have to admit I got hooked. I am intrigued by the twist of losing weight with a loved-one.

Last night we met 9-couples and 1 set of strangers who were paired up to lose weight as a team. Each couple had a compelling story, which of course made me cry at some point. I am just such a sucker these days.

But it was the actual competition that drew me in. When you're trying to lose weight and you get kicked off, you only have yourself to blame. Last night we saw teams of people where one member was working harder than the other. I can potentially see marriages and relationships falling apart because of one person's lack of effort.

Lynn and Jennie, a father-daughter duo got the boot last night. Pops weighed it at over 400 big ones, and Jennie was an impressive 2-something. After the first week, where the daughter had to beg her father to work out, it was SHE who only lost 7 pounds, where as dad (with much more to lose mind you dropped double digits. He desperately wanted to leave the show, and didn't seem to mind leaving his health in the hands of the big man upstairs.

The trust and motivation component of this show really gets me. You're only as good as your partner, and when you are trying to lose weight I'm not really sure I'd want to rely on someone else. It'll be interesting to see which other contestants become the TO of the team, bitching and moaning about the failings of their teammate.

This was like Biggest Loser meets Amazing Race... only Charla our favorite little person was absent from this competition.

Kudos to you, NBC. Way to pre-empt the writers strike with another gripping reality series. I mean you did plug the sh*t out of it. Just promise me you don't bring back Clash of the Choirs anytime soon.

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