Sunday, January 20, 2008

Commercial CRitic: Legendary Voiceover

Nike made me witness a new commercial this weekend. The new inspirational Air Jordan spot entitled "Become Legendary."

The commercial begins with Jordan boldly stating that "it is not about the shoes." An interesting concept for a shoe commercial. It is clear that this is going to be a classic inner-strength Nike spot.

The commercial takes advantage of the resurgence of high school video from the YouTubes. We have all seen the Reggie Bush high school montage and the amazing junior high kid that dominates hockey. We love old school footage.

The spot has strong overtones of the commercial from Mel Gibson's What Women Want (don't ask me why I know this) with the voiceover, but these tomes are Lombardi-esque and smart. Another issue is that while I consider myself a sports fan and can recognize just about any athlete during a interview, I can only guess to whom some of these athletes are. Since we are giving props to them as high school athletes, can't they put in the corner in an elegant font the name of the person and the high school? Maybe then I can comprehend more thoroughly the desire of the athletes.

However, the biggest concern is the contradictory nature of this commercial for Nike and the shot Mars Blackmon takes on his credibility. For years, I have been under the impression that "it's gotta be the shoes." Admirably, Jordan refutes the claim to Mars and is consistent with this voiceover, but as Mars showed, that is not the position of Nike.

The question is then if it is no longer about the shoes, why should I buy Air Jordans rather than Starbury Ones?

The commercial has a good message, but it fails to promote the product, the Air Jordan XX3, which I guess boxers, basketball, football and baseball players wear.

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