Sunday, January 13, 2008

Commercial CRitic: Oreos or Gravy

Advertisers at Oreo (Kraft) went to who seems to be the only guy in the NFL that can sell product, Peyton Manning, for their latest commercial. Today, TV watchers across the country saw the second installment that answered a gonorrhea-like burning question of what the Manning boys second sport would be...Cream licking.

The commercial was cheesy (slight pun), but humorous with Archie putting in some simple sidekick work. It highlighted the product and market indicators must show that Peyton could sell condoms to Shawn Kemp.

(Yahoo! Espana)
Peyton's commercials are comical and the only knock on them is that they are plentiful. To counter the over saturation that is Peyton, Oreo cut a check to brother Eli, father Archie and mother Olivia.

The problem with the commercial is that it looks like a gravy train. Peyton brought his whole brood along for the ride, sans the Coop. Peyton's coattails already banked a massive contract for Eli, but now the tails are flowing off the field for the whole family.

It is one thing to do a family spot for SportsCenter (do they get paid for those?), it is another to try to get your family some extra coin by introducing them to the general public.

The spot is slightly funny, but reminiscent of commercials past of fake retirements. In the end, it smells more like gravy than oreos.

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