Monday, January 21, 2008

The Deanna Favre Curse

You may have noticed recurring two cut-away shots to the luxury suites yesterday during the NFC Championship Game - One to Eli's girlfriend (Archie) and the other to...well, read below...

It's always seemed so blissful. Maybe it's the way the man, his relationship to his family, his overcoming addiction, his gunslinging ways are embraced by NFL pundits far and wide. But the marriage of Brett Favre to the state of Wisconsin has been undermined to his personal marriage. Not to Peter King, but to Deanna.

By all accounts the pair are a formidable duo. Since her diagnosis with breast cancer in 2004, Deanna has likely helped and inspired as many off the field as Brett has on it.

Unless you are a Packer fan.

You see, Brett and Deanna were married on July 14, 1996, the year in which the Packers last saw a championship season.

As Brett yet again contemplates another retirement after a no-doubt Hall of Fame career, perhaps team captain Donald Driver should take the lead of fellow wideout Terrell Owens and call for the retirement of his quarterback's main squeeze from attending Packer football games.

Hollywood has gotten the best of Brett since his marriage. We see him in hit movies, hocking redneck jeans.

Concentrating on anything but football.

The legacy of the storied Packer franchise deserves better than seeing errant interceptions and loses to the likes of Fredo Manning, which only prove Brett's head is occupied in the stands by his starlet.

We chastise poor Jessica Simpson and Cowboy Tony, we deify the Farves.

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TheNaturalMevs said...

LOL Fredo Manning!

He won his first superbowl the year after they got married though.