Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dinkins forgoes final year of pee wee eligibility, headed for spring bantam weight draft

Tom Dinkins will skip his final year of pee wee football eligibility to enter the fall bantam draft after becoming the leading rusher in town history and transforming the Rusty Scupper's Lobster House team from league joke to a middle-of-the-pack surprise.

Dinkins had a remarkable season, running the right direction on almost every play, and catching 22% of balls thrown in his general vicinity. In twelve games he rushed for eighteen yards. He caught a league high eleven passes for -9, doubling his total yardage from last season.

"I just think the time is right" his father Steve said at an afternoon press conference at his lunch table at Al's Auto Body, "and I mean the actual time is right. His sister has 9am soccer games on Saturdays that would interfere with his pee-wee games, but bantams don't play till Sunday afternoon"

"He will be missed" said Scupper's coach Dunkin Lutz "he was a good kid and his mother showed up for every home game. Ever seen his mother? Christ, she used to wear these shorts....are you writing all this down?"

Dinkins projects to be a low second pick but he is excited for the possibilities of the bantam division. He understands there are sacrifices to be made and knows the pressure of staying at the top of his game in the offseason.

"I am going to try and stay in shape this summer" Dinkins remarked on his way to 'Pinky' Monganero's house "try and bulk up a little the way the pro's do."

Dinkins refused to answer anymore questions because he isn't allowed to talk to strangers especially those that follow him on his bike. Especially if they don't know the 'safety word.'

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