Sunday, January 13, 2008

Explanation Wanted

Tainted safety Rodney Harrison on the tainted, undefeated New England Patriots is known for his unsportsmanlike tomfoolery, as most visibly illustrated this year with his little Brian Billick love fest. Truly he has no couth, much like his coach.

But what in the world was he doing post-interception in yesterday's Jags game. As he stuck the ball out, slowed his gait and sashayed out of bounds, no one said a word. Did he just quit on the play? Was it just meant to belittle his opponents? Was no one bothered by his actions, or is it that this guy is such a knob job that no one was the least bit surprised and raised an eye brow when he goes out of his way to act like an ahole?

Only a pompous jerk would shape his mustache this way.

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