Friday, January 25, 2008

Fox Makes a Backhanded Pitch for Eagles Fans as Best in NFL

In their "Cadillac of..." feature, Fox backhandedly salutes, you the Philadelphia Eagles fan in "Believe in the Bogeymen: The immutable insanity of ‘Iggles’ fans is legendary," as the City of Brotherly love goes up against Cheeseheads and Raider Nation.

We're not faring so well. So, get voting, Philly.

Among the "urban legends" recalled by the author are these infamous accounts:

December 15, 1968: Frank Olivo wears a Santa suit to the last Eagles home game. The Eagles ask him to replace a hired Santa stranded by a snowstorm. Olivo runs downfield while boos and a fusillade of snowballs erupt from a crowd of 54,535. It is no big deal. Local sports writers ignore it, but Howard Cosell broadcasts it on his national sports show. An urban legend is born. Eagles fans: They boo Santa Claus.

December 10, 1989: After accusing the Eagles of putting bounties on his players, Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson is pelted with snowballs by fans, and police must escort him out of Veterans Stadium. One of the alleged participants is rabid Eagles fan and current governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell.

October 10, 1999: Michael Irvin suffers a career-ending injury and is carted off to the cheers of a minority of Eagles fans at the Vet. ESPN’s Rich Eisen characterizes it as 66,000 screaming fans reaching a crescendo as the ambulance leaves. The number of cheering fans grows with every succeeding year.

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Inside the Iggles said...

I really can't tell if the guy who wrote this is serious, or if he is being very sarcastic by bringing up all negative things.

I was reading his blog, and he has a pretty sick sense of humor, so I think it was serious.