Sunday, January 20, 2008

Go Green

If you watched the Pats-Chargers game, you may have seen CBS' promos towards the end of the 4th Quarter for what's coming-up following the post-game ceremonies.

7PM: CBS News Presents: The Age of Warming.

Around which time you probably flipped over to the Fox pre-game show to see Howie, Kurt, Jimmy and Terry freezing their balls off broadcasting during the coldest day at Lambeau since the Ice Bowl.

Maybe they can do their part ala NBC and turn the lights off during the broadcast. Apparently that should help combat the climate.

Update (6:51 PM EST): Bock and Aikman just through a stat up that this NFC Championship Game is the 3rd coldest in NFL history.

We may be heading for an ice age. It's time for SI to bang out a "Sports Global Freezing" special issue for all our sakes.

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