Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ha! A quarterback? That's rich!

And if he doesn't listen, pinch his helmet.

Jessica Simpson Gets QB Love Advice from Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Jessica Simpson's weekend getaway with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in Mexico may have been nice, but romancing an NFL star requires some special skills – so says View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who knows a thing or two about snagging a guy in cleats as the wife of footballer Tim Hasselbeck.

"Quarterbacks are a little bossy," she jokes with ABC Radio's David Blaustein. "So I like to remind Tim that he's not on field when he's trying to call the plays at home."
When is Tim on the field? And are there any plays on his armband besides halfback option and taking a knee?

Those post-pregnancy drugs are a powerful hallucinogen. How glib.

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Adam Bernard said...

Hilarious! Dude lost his gig to a 280 pound quarterback. Go Jared Lorenzen!