Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No Ruining Romo might need to start a whole separate sports/celebrity gossip wing with their excessive Romo/Simpson coverage. Then, again, we're ones to talk.

Reports the site:

Sorry, Giants fans: Jessica Simpson is not attending beau Tony Romo's football playoff game Sunday, as his Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants. The always-vocal New York fans had been begging for Simpson – who recently vacationed with Romo in Mexico – to show up and (they hoped) distract Romo from his game. But Simpson's rep Cindy Berger tells the New York Post: "She is not attending. She's working on a new album. She will not be there, but she'll be watching [on TV] and cheering [Romo] on."

Without the real deal there, it's kind of hard to start a Ruin Romo push as visitors to Big D.

Nothing turns Cowboy Tony on more than a gal in mom jeans.

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