Monday, January 14, 2008

Quick Thoughts on the Divisional Round

1. Despite the sunshine and margaritas, going to Cabo was a terrible idea.

I will haunt you.

2. 12 feet of snow falls on Green Bay and Brett Favre plays like a man possessed. Just a year ago, this would have been a prime contender for one of those 3-INT, 2 lost fumble games.

It's official honey. I'm playing 'til I'm 50.

3. Tom Brady was unbelievable against Jacksonville, racking up a 141.4 passer rating and completing an NFL record 92.9 percent of his passes. He dumped screens when the defense got too agressive, found the slant when linebackers vacated their zones ... it was unreal. It was like he knew what was coming.

4. Was it necessary for Philip Rivers to scream at the Indy fans (getting gracelessly caught in the act on camera) near his bench as the game drew to a close? Seems to reaffirm suspicions raised by Denver CB Champ Bailey that Rivers is a redneck assclown.

5. As mentioned earlier on this board, Rodney H(GH)arrison is not a good role model.

6. It was definitely loud in Indianapolis yesterday. But that was no reason for all of the phantom defensive holding and pass interference calls on the Chargers. For God's sake, Norv's head almost exploded.

Norv Turner, 2008. Not a happy man.

7. As improbable as it may be, this face most certainly did not rear it's ugly head in Texas Stadium yesterday:

Wait a second ... you mean it was the other QB who threw a game killing interception?

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