Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Randy Moss admits he is a virgin?

Following the Moss story today, Ren pointed out this interesting quote

"I want to make something clear," the Patriots wide receiver said while surrounded by reporters and cameras at his locker. "In my whole entire life of living 30 years, I've never put my hand on one woman, physically or in an angry manner."

Did he mean he has never physically touched a woman 'in an angry manner' or he has never physically touched a woman at all?

It wouldn't be crazy. Abstinence. I've considered it before, usually when I'm not getting laid. I've heard of boxers giving up the nook while training for big fights, or player’s abstaining the night before games to keep their energy level up. But to be celibate for an entire career? Nah, who would be dumb enough to give up all the phenomenal poon that comes with life as a professional athlete?



"If God's so good, how come he didn't give you a jump shot?"

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Cenira said...

The answer for this question is:

- For the same reason He didn't give you a championship!

(Barkley asked A.C. this and this is what he got as answer. Of course it was not published for obvious reasons...

but he was, defintly, OWNED!)