Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Roll(y Polly) Tide

I'm gone gitcha, gone gitcha!

In between performing a few kick ass sets on Guitar Hero III, the TNT Law & Order marathon and the occasional college bowl game, Ariel convinced me to at least "flip on" the Biggest Loser Couples season premiere so that should could catch a quick glimpse.

Frankly, this writers strike is beginning to t me off. And I guarantee you that this show won't last a whole season in the McCormack household.

Then Roger Shultz and Trent Patterson caught my eye. These former 'Bama offensive linemen will be pairing up against other husky "couples" - most of whom are of the parent/child, married couple or sibling variety.

I gotta say, I'm pulling for them. Given their backgrounds, they should be more capable than most of their opponents. Plus, it'd be rather embarrassing from one day going head to head with the best the SEC has to offer, to being beaten in a fitness contest by a 60-year-old 400 pound woman.

FYI - When not flapping his gums at the local fastfood joint, Shultz flaps his gums on air at 1300 WTLS in Tallassee, Alabama along with Stan White. If anyone has a picture of him from his playing days with the Clu Haywood mustachio, please pass it our way.

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Michael Butler said...


Enjoyed your blog on Shultz and Patterson. Shultz just talked with me on our radio show in Alabama this morning (it's posted at www.1300wtls.com). I'm guessing that he's close to winning the $250,000.