Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Scoop Jackson's "Girl" Looking to Avoid Jail Time

Kills. Kills.

According to TSG, Marion Jones claiming she has already been "cast from American hero to national disgrace," wants to be spared prison when she is sentenced next week.

No word as to whether Scoop Jackson will be fighting AGAINST her motion, as to not ruin another long-running fantasy for him - a rendezvous between he and Mrs. Jones in a conjugal visitation room.

If you recall, Scoop once mentioned:

I still have that photo of her, dipped in gold and bronze, smile on her face, that imperfect tooth that made that smile so beautiful, that hair braided back, that soft glow of that caramel skin ... yeah, that was my girl. She was one of my allowed sports fantasies.

Oh behavvvve.

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