Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sparano signs with the Fishes....oh crap, I can't do this

Dolphins hire Sparano as head coach, replacing Cameron

I've been dreading this since the moment Sparano's name was mentioned as a possible candidate for more than a few head coaching positions across the league. It's not that I think he doesn't deserve a chance or that he couldn't be a good head coach. I just keep thinking of his name and what the next several years will bring from Berman and his terrible puns and nicknames, unfunny Caliendo impressions (bringing his grand total of impressions to 3) and punny, hokey newspaper headlines every week referencing Fat Tony (not my dad) and the Bada-Bingers. His boss being named Tuna doesn't help much either.

Jeebus help us all.

In even crazier news, Kige was right....

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