Friday, January 4, 2008

Think of the Kids: Britney's in Hospital, Zeke Isn't?

E! News reports: While the pop star remains on "medical hold" at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, undergoing physical and psychological tests after being found to be under the influence of an unknown substance, sons Sean Preston and Jayden James are now safely back at the Tarzana home of father Kevin Federline.

Unfortunately, the 15 kids on the Knicks roster still remain under the guidance of negligent coach and GM Isiah Thomas, who despite the apparent mental, emotional and psychological shortcomings, is not believed to be under the influence of any abusive substances.

Like Spears' influence on her young children and the residual negative results it has on society, including but not limited to pedestrians and drivers who come within the path of her reckless driving, young female psyche of those who idolize her, and paparazzi who are within swinging distance of an errant umbrella, Zeke continues to negatively affect the daily lives of all those around him, not limited merely to the professional and personal livelihood of the Knick players. Zeke's havoc stretches to reach fellow employees whom he was forced to settle with for inappropriate verbal and sexual-laced misconduct, stupid rich, white season ticket holders, and now poor college kids looking to make a buck so they can pay their tuition.

While poor Sean Preston and Jayden James are forced to live their most developmental years without a stable maternal figure, all reasonable people would admit that their well-being directly corresponds to the healing of Britney. Meanwhile, David Lee and Nate Robinson lose their early developmental years in the league under the thumb of a sociopathic ego-trip, and Malik Rose and Starbury flounder in what remaining few years they have left.

If there is any justice and goodness left in this world, someone will take away Isiah's kids, and institutionalize him until they can figure out what in God's name is wrong with him. If not for his own good, for that of his kids. This is the same guy who once reared Ron Artest in his early years in Indiana.

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