Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Writers Strike? Let's Roll.

As the entertainment industry turned the pop culture world upside down with the cancellation of the Golden Globe Awards, the writers strike has had more dire effects on the lives of the common man. Frankly, any self respecting gentleman who watches such awards shows are anything but.

The real problem with the strike is the lackluster attempt by broadcasters to fill the void for their regularly scheduled programing with half-assed reality and game shows.

Now tell me something. We've all watched sitcoms and television dramas. Are you telling me that your favorite bloggers looking to catch a break couldn't simply fill the shoes of these Hollywood writing honchos? I'm not pro or anti-writers union. In fact, I feel many of their demands are legitimate. But TV is killing me. Ariel no longer forces me to watch these reality 2-hour fill ins, because besides Law & Order reruns, of which I've seen just about every, I am stuck with the sports, the Food Network, NatGeo and Vin Di Bona nutshots. Sure I don't mind, but sometimes I just need senseless entertainment.

Because I don't see producers turning over the reigns of their established programs (or creating new ones) to diamonds in the rough, it looks like we are stuck with crap like the well-received Gladiators redux, anything the combo JD Roth and Wayne Arnold can come up with, or some spin off of Idol.

So, if we must go that route, at least have some obscure spin to it. How fun would it be to see the following?

Bowling with the Stars

See the likes of Wayne Netwon, Marie Osmond, Mark Cuban and Bruno Tonioli twinkle their toes down the lanes while judged by the Tuesday night co-ed team, the "Alley Catz."

The Biggest Bowler

300+ lb. Heavyweights compete for this prestigious distinction.

Project Bowler

Hosted by Tim Gunn, effeminate designers look to sassy up bowling attire. Make it work.

Bowler Nation

40 bowlers will have 40 days to build a new alley…in a ghost town that died in the 19th Century, as 11 year old Jared looks on, providing wisdom, guidance and talc.

America's Next Top Bowler

Tyra, how do you feel about tweeking your shitty show a bit?

American Bowler

Wannabe PBA'ers compete for the praises of crass judge Pete Weber, sexy judge Diana Asbaty (in a bikini) and former Journey touring bassist Randy Jackson, who's work helped redefine the Rock n' Bowl power ballad.

Pete F'n Weber.

Scott Baio is 45...and Bowling

Under the supervision of his personal bowling life coach, Dr. Walter Sobchak, he visits some of his old girlfriends over an eight-week period and asks them why they never went bowling.

Chachi, this is not Happy Days. This is bowling. There are rules.


Other ideas include:
  • Bowler Swap
  • Bowl of Love
  • Bowling 911
  • Iron Bowler America
Any ideas?

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