Monday, February 25, 2008

Affleck wants to teach kids, avoid wife

I enjoy watching things like the Oscar red carpet with the pre-wife. She has claws, and they don't come out often, but any event that involves celebrities, fashion, and E! and she gets snarky. I also like to watch to remind her which women I think are 'hot' and that I'd 'do'. (Like it has ever been my choice.)

Last night, Seacrest is doing his normal schtick. He is about to interview Jennifer Garner (do) who is being pulled away from the interview by Laura Linney (do). Seacrest is waiting patiently when out of nowhere, he is bum rushed verbally and physically by Gary Busey. The situation gets more awkard as Busey hugs and attacks Garner who reacts like a hiker unknowingly stumbling into a bear den.

My first thought in all this; Where is Ben-what-the-who-fleck while this whole maylay is going down? His wife is up for an Oscar, the stars of his movie are up for a few, and he is nowhere to be found? He has the time to teach his kid how to be a brat Red Sox fan but can't show up to support his wife? No wonder he doesn't get the super hero roles anymore.


Ren McCormack said...

“Ben Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms, Yo!”

Kcharbs said...

I'm sorry - exactly WHICH oscar was Garner nominated for? I believe she was just a presenter. Leave Ben alone.

Fat Willard said...

Actress most likely to do better than Ben Affleck? Sorry she was in Juno, she wasn't up for anything.

Oh, and Ben doesn't care about you.

Fat Willard said...

Actually, thanks to fact checking (Ren) I WAS correct. Garner was up for Best Supporting Actress.

Why the hell am I arguing with a person who sticks up for celebrities in comment sections? I might have less of a life than you.