Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ariel Dances with the Biggest Idol

Big week for reality TV.... DWTS announcement, start of the top 24 Idols, and another heated Biggest Loser. I'll do my best to give brief commentary on each.


While I haven't been watching Bruno and Carrie Ann, I was excited to hear who would make up the next season of dancers, starting March 17th. A mixed bag of sorts...

ADAM CAROLLA & JULIANNE HOUGH - This could be good. I like Adam Carolla, and think he'll be decent, and he is funny, so that is a good thing.


SHANNON ELIZABETH & DEREK HOUGH - She is good looking, but might be boring... not too much personality here.

STEVE GUTTENBERG & ANNA TREBUNSKAYA - I am psyched about this, I have to be honest. The Polica Academy series is one of the best. I am just wondering if Michael Winslow will be providing the music and sound effects for Steve's performances.


MARIO & KARINA SMIRNOFF - No clue who this is.

MARLEE MATLIN & FABIAN SANCHEZ - Um, yawn. This will be another sort of Heather Mills thing.... people dancing with disabilities... whatev.

PRISCILLA PRESLEY & LOUIS VAN AMSTEL - Should be interesting to watch. Hopefully she'll have more sex appeal than Jane Seymour did.

MONICA SELES & JONATHAN ROBERTS - She might be good. I will just be inclined to watch her and see if she yells everytime her partner spins her one way or the other...

JASON TAYLOR & EDYTA SLIWINSKA - This is the HOT couple. If he has rhythm, I'd put money that they'll make it to the finals. Edyta deserves to win just once.


KRISTI YAMAGUCHI & MARK BALLAS - Kristi is definitely the early favorite for obvious reasons, and will likely go far. But she might be boring, who knows.


The guys were up last night to dazzle us with hits from the 60's. Ren and myself exchanged many texts and calls with both Fat Willard and Ren's sis in regards to the number of young boys in very tight, girlish looking pants. The Norega kid definitely was wearing girls jeans... those bitches were low-rise, and men's jeans aren't made THAT low. Maybe I am just getting old- I mean Fall Out Boy wears them. Anyway, I digress.

The Aussie dude at the end was the best - he is older, more mature, not like the other HS musical theater drop-outs. And he is good looking. Doesn't hurt when the guys are easy on the eyes.

Hopefully the girls tonight will WOW us a bit more.


So I will spare you the details of the show, other than the fact that Paul is an a**hole and deserved to get kicked off.

The whole season he has guilted his poor ex-wife (his partner on the show) time and again about how he still loves her and she doesn't love him. GET OVER IT. You are there to lose weight, not try to get your ex-wife back.

The turning point for Ren and I in watching the show last night was how cocky he was right before elimination of his chances of NOT getting kicked off.... saying how he had the best potential to lose the most weight. Well, buddy, when you go home for a week and stuff your face with wings and desserts, your ass ain't gonna drop that weight. Then, he had the audacity to wear his Yellow Team shirt to the elimination, pretty much singling himself out....

Thankfully the youngsters of the team dropped the dead weight, literally, and kicked his behind to the curb. Kelly, and the rest of the black team will be better for it.

And that is your super update for this week. It was tough to type because my thumb hurt from flipping back and forth last night...

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