Monday, February 4, 2008

Commercial CRitic: Super Bowl Edition

As part of my non-paying job of critiquing sports-related commercials, I was expecting to be busy last night. I even timed my piss breaks during Terminator commercials. However, I was sorely disappointed in the amount of commercials with sports figures considering this was a sporting event and the male 18-35 demographic would be tuned in.

Nevertheless, one commercial stood out that was right up ol' Dunbar's alley. Shaq Jockey.

Before there was Peyton Manning, there was Shaquille O'Neal. His hundred megawatt smile and willingness to put on any show and take any dollar made him a mainstay in the advertising business. He came charging back last night.

Glaceau Vitamin Water Superbowl Commercial: Shaq as Jockey

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The commercial immediately grabs your attention with the rolling thunder of horse hooves. The announcer brings you in further, but is drowned out plugging the product and the reasoning that Shaq is riding Chunk of Love. It doesn't matter. Shaq riding a horse next to small jockeys is funny.

Using his assets to his advantage by pushing off jockeys and holding a horse's nose back with his wingspan to win is just good jockeying.

The kicker for me was that after a couple hours I was able to remember that it was for Vitamin Water. Like everyone else, it takes me awhile to remember what the commercial was for, but this one came right back to me.

Although I wasn't sure whether the horse took Vitamin Water or Shaq, it made sense that either one was going to need a boost to win the race.

Congratulations Vitamin Water, you made a good Super Bowl commercial.

Congratulation Shaq, you roared back into the advertising scene, and it looks like you are going to need the new source of income really soon.

The Others:

Pepsi used its grab-someone-out-of-Ariel's-latest-magazine approach to advertising and had Tony Romo say "Justin?" in an otherwise interesting spot. What we learned about Tony Romo, he drives an SUV, may or may not know Justin Timberlake.

Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter have Poison Ivy's ability to make plants grow by touching them when drinking Gatorade2.

Ben Roethlisberger was taken down a notch with an American Idol promo. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, ey Big Ben.

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