Monday, February 11, 2008

Cooking With Coolio

Who's ready to "bake?"

What do you do when the Rock 'N Jock well runs dry?

Ex-VH1 Exec Gives Coolio An Online Cooking Show

Quite an educational piece, the video highlights the lyrical gangsta "Bout to teach you ass how to cook" and "how to make a salad to get the panties right off," guaranteed to be "betta than yo mama's titty."

He's even got himself a Emeril Lagasse /Richard Prior-inspired catchphrase: "Shaka Zulu, Mother F*cka!"

Meanwhile, the HHR staff debates what was better Rock 'N Jock hoops or softball.

Ariel comes up with the best argument:

"The softball ones were way better. What's his face.... Roger McDowell, would always pitch with like a coconut bra on or some stupid shit like that. And Dan Cortez always came out for that one."

Only to have Willard counter:

If you are into that sophomoric humor. It just always seemed like a was at least close. Remember Flea's three pointer to end the game??????"

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