Friday, February 1, 2008

Did you know Bill Simmons has a column?


I can't honestly say I've read the Sports Guy much over the last 3 years. But last night, I made a rare exception, if only because it was linked in an email from the chief titled "look who also 'discovered' the warrior's blog."

It linked yesterday's Simmons column and its following bullet point:

• Did you know the Ultimate Warrior started his own blog?

I ask you something, jacknob. First, how did you discover this? I'll bet you don't read HHR, as much as I'd bet you don't normally frequent the Warrior's site. But maybe you check out a small blog called Deadspin every once in a while? Bet you never heard of it. Brooks perhaps (now that you are a West Coast big shot)?

Last week TMZ also "discovered" the Warrior's post, which prompted Fat Willard to write the following:
I am just going to call a spade a spade. Earlier this year, right around the time of the Benoit murder/suicide, Ren threw the Warrior's blog into his blog feeder. Never thinking anything would come of it but just because the guy is a lunatic, a legend in his own mind, and is good for a laugh once in a while. Anyway, this week the Warrior posted his Ledger comments and both Ren and I knew we were sitting on a gold/land mine.

The story got picked from our site by a few other sites, the biggest being from Deadspin. Every single site credited us for the find and gave links and kudos.

The next day, while surfing through my blog feeder, I noticed that had a story posted about the Warrior and the Ledger blog. Never mentioning how they just happened to come across it. I am sure it's in their list of daily pages to check for celeb gossip, right after Perez Hilton and E! Online. I am sure every available TMZ staff member, upon hearing of Ledger's death, ran straight to their computer to get the reaction of a washed up, ex-juicing wrestler.
Second, Mr. Simmons..."started?" Started his own blog? Did he just do this? Do you even know? Because, really your bullet should have read:

• Did you know the Ultimate Warrior started his own blog AT LEAST OVER A YEAR AND A HALF AGO?

I'm not so full of myself or this site to think we are the end-all, be-all of breaking obscure, yet newsworthy stories. But this isn't the first time we've gone unmentioned in certain cases when we actually do break something. The last time it was over the Trentonian cover - which after we popped it up around 9:30 in the morning the day it was published, soon spread like wild fire. So much so it ended up in SI's print edition.

Tell me what other site has writers that frequent the Warrior's blog or a local Trenton, NJ tabloid? But the difference is, you work for the World Wide Leader. One that shuns the blogosphere, yet apparently has no qualms ripping it off.

You wonder why a good number of readers have grown tired of your work. Your columns used to speak for the "everyman" and frankly used to be relevant. Now they are simply self-serving. How far you've fallen, friend.

Wonder why the Mottrams have re-energized dying outlets? Wonder why Leitch is on a book tour? Wonder how long you'll be around?

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