Friday, February 29, 2008

Dwarf tossing illegal in Staten Island. Tanning and fist pump dancing still permitted by law.

Now we have NOTHING to do this weekend.

Staten Island's Big Nose Kate's Saloon in the Richmond Valley section canceled its plans for Saturday night dwarf bowling after its owners discovered it was illegal, according to a report in the Staten Island Advance. The report said he club found out that dwarf-bowling has been illegal in bars in New York state since 1990. Saloon manager Rich Makson told the newspaper "when we found out it wasn't legal, we canceled."

Yes, if only Rich paid attention in school, he would have remembered New York's Dwarf-Bowling Law of 1990 which clearly states..
'None of you's fucking guys are trowing any god damn dwarfs around da' god damn bar. What are you stupid? Dat's it, I don't wanna hear no more. Dat's dee end of it. Capish?'
So, to review. The picture above=illegal.

This guy below...perfectly within his rights.

For hours of entertaining video just like this, I urge you to check Guido Fist

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