Monday, February 4, 2008

History Made Super Bowl Sunday

This morning I asked a distraught die-hard Pats fan, the chief, how he was doing. His response? "F&%& you."

Well, every cloud has a silver lining. History was indeed made last night for a team from Massachusetts, as the chief's fantasy squad, "Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint!", walked away with something a little more precious than the Lombardi Trophy. They won the inaugural HHR Fantasy Football Playoff Cup.

Mrs. chief just can't wait to display it on their mantle.

Thanks to all our online pals who participated.

In addition to taking home the coveted Cup, chief feels that as a sign of camaraderie he should be afforded a forum to vent his post Super Bowl frustrations at each of your respective sites.

the chief "Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint!" 646
Fat Willard HHR 631
Going Five Hole 601
Obscure Sports Quarterly 590
The Loogy Lounge 582
Bugs & Cranks 579
The Camel Clutch 566
CR Dunbar HHR 563
Assasin Avenue 562
Rev. Shaw Moore HHR 560
Meech1 548
SVP Style "Los Dynamitos" 544
The Sports Kolache 543
The Poop Squad 539
National's Pride 526
Reader Marc 524
Extra Mustard 518
Brahsome 516
Ren HHR 489
Lazy Eye 488


Pro-Hat Party said...,64971

gilbert said...

If that's not the best trophy in sports, I don't know what is.