Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let Ocho Cinco Put You in a Car Today

(Photo: SI/CNN)

Reports out of DC and Cincinnati say that disgruntled Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson is trying to force a trade to the Redskins.

What talent the Bengals could possibly covet on the Redskins roster remains to be seen. Because in trading with the ‘Skins, the Bengals would have to get something to keep pace with the hated Steelers and the much-improved Browns. Even Baltimore fired Brian Billick, so you know they are going to be better next year.

In other words, this trade will probably never happen in a million years.

Still, how could you blame Johnson for trying to force a trade to DC? It’s not like he would be forced to carry the load for the ‘Skins. They don’t do much offensively anyway, so any production Johnson could provide would be viewed as a net gain by the franchise.

Plus, think about the marketing and media exposure he could get in DC. Instead of hawking website registries to out-of-work northern Kentuckians, he could instantly be thrust out in front in the fast-paced and exciting world of used car sales:

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