Tuesday, February 26, 2008

'Lil Romeo has a 'Lil Promiscuous Posse

And apparently the USC hoops recruit is worried that one of its members knocked up Jaime Lynn Spears.

Bad enough the 'lil dude don't like to pass, now he's gotta deal with his 'lil posse running rampant in the pants of his 'lil Hollywood gal pals.

JL is 16 right? (There's that statutory thing again). Unless, of course, 18 y/o Romeo has 16 y/o's making up his entourage - but that can't garner much street cred.

According to CeleBitchy via In Touch Mag, "A friend of rapper Lil’ Romeo supposed had a fling with Jamie Lynn Spears last year and is worried that he might be the father of her baby-to-be."
Deeply upset, Jamie Lynn turned to her new male friend for support and advice - and before long, the insider alleges things turned physicial. “They would fool around at his mother’s house. He was totally in awe of her,” the insider claims. “He said that she was very experienced and had a great body. He was in heaven.”
Ah yes, friends with bennies. Experienced ones at that. To be young and carefree again.

At first my thoughts drift towards Juno, but the more these rumors flourish, the more it starts looking like an Anna Nicole "Who's Your Daddy?" dispute.