Friday, February 22, 2008

Mike Lowell Has a Golden Paddle

It's the start of Spring Training in Red Sox Nation and naturally the dependable gamers and workhorses like Youkilis, Lowell, and ROY Pedroia are hitting the cages, shagging balls, and... oh wait. Strike that. They are playing ping pong in the batting cages, to compete for the coveted Golden Paddle. Ummm yeah.

Click to see Youk's hot, fast wrist action.

Between this competition and his season long cribbage match with Francona, I think Pedroia might just become King of the Rec Room Olympics one day.

But the important part of all this is that we live in a world where these three 'guys are goofing off while Manny Ramirez talks to the media (!), says he wants to stay in Boston, and is working out like a maniac.

Please proceed straight to your underground bunker.

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