Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ruminations of Super Bowl Ads

While I am no non-paid ad critic like my man, CR Dunbar, I think I would be remiss not mentioning some of my fave ad spots during this historic evening.

There was one ad that even though I couldn't remember it yesterday morning, I did remember cracking up for no apparent reason. Ren (HEY - Today is Ren's Birthday!!! Give him a shout out!) brought to my attention today that it was a doosey by our ole favorite, Doritos.

Some others of note:

While I have never liked Bud Light, this commerical was f'ing hilarious.

I mean, which line is funnier - "It refreshes the palatte... and the loins" or "Bud Light, Suck one." I just cannot decide.

Some people found the e-trade baby to be a bit freaky. Ren and I found him to be extremely funny.

The clown one takes the cake.

Finally, I think T-Mobile did a masterful job at resolving the pre-Super Ad campaign where Dwayne Wade is trying to get into Charles Barkley's "5." We laughed again when this spot came on last night. Good work, T-Mobile.

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