Sunday, February 10, 2008


Things I've watched so far today because there is no NFL Football...

PBA Bowling's the Bayer Classic- Chris Barnes gets off the TV snide and wins one in front of the cameras for the first time this season.

Some type of college player skill competition.

Shark Attack and Feeding Frenzy on Discovery.

The cat stare at the neighbor's dog who sees him in the window and is barking his face off like it will accomplish anything.

I can't believe I am considering watching the Pro Bowl tonight.

The first week is the hardest...

That's how I feel Chris..


DCScrap said...

Have a couple of kids... it will make the time... uh.... nevermind...

Ren McCormack said...

What? Does the Pro Bowl not count? I too watched the bowling, to which Ariel actually asked "is there no other sport on?". But there was an NBA double header, golf, NASCAR and NHL all on network tv. There's plenty on today. A little weak on your part.

Fat Willard said...

I, for some reason, imagined the Pro Bowl to be on at night, which I believe it was last season. Aren't they like 6 hours behind?

I would watch paint dry before NASCAR and NBA (Sorry BKKE and Commissioner Stern.) I didn't see golf and I didn't have NHL games today, I have country cable.

And none of those compare to NFL anyway.

Scrap, you are correct, I will eat my words once I have kids.

And how dare you delete your comment whoever you are. Asshole.