Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ariel Dances with the Biggest Idol

I'll cut to the chase.... Dan from BL, and Penn and Monica from DWTS all got sent packing last night, in what was an easier reality TV night for me to handle.

On BL, the guys were getting a little cocky about how much weight they have to lose vs. the remaining two ladies. During the challenge they clearly gunned for the girls, with Kelly being the bigger target which was just poor form to me.

If they had any brain, and really wanted to win the $250K they would start to turn on eachother, as they are their own biggest competition. I mean, jeez, what kind of reality show is this where people are nice and stick together and whatnot? We need some backstabbing, damnit!

In the end, Ren's boy Dan only lost 1 pound and was sent below the yellow line with his "teammate" Mark. Because Mark already got sent home once (he won his way back to the show, though I think he's next) you knew it'd be Danny boy. Kelly and Ali both wowed the guys and dropped 7 and 6 pounds respectively, securing their place atop the leader board.

On DWTS, the first elimination was a predictable one. Monica Seles and Penn Jillette, the two lowest scorers also garnered the least amount of votes and were sent on their way. I am not sad. They both were painful to watch.

As far as Idol, Ren and I only caught two performances. Ren's sis called promptly at 9:34 to discuss the final performance of the evening, David Cook's rendition of Billy Jean, but alas we could not comment, and could only speak for a few min anyways since loser was coming back from commercial break. This morning I did watch a few of the performances I missed, and I still like Brooke White... and David Cook did rock the house. I think Kristy Lee will probably get sent home tonight, much to Simon's delight.

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