Monday, March 17, 2008

Cleaning Out the Garage

Another weekend has passed and I picked up yet another footlocker of cards from my parents garage.

Let's just say, I was happy I did.

Had I not, I would not be inspired this St. Pat's Day morning thanks to Steve "Mongo" McMichael.

As only Topps can, the back of the card is chock full of interesting and useless tidbits about the player featured. A line reads, "Steve's wife Debra is a former Miss Illinois."

Which is interesting because her Wikipedia page states that the noted WWF(E) Diva "was a beauty pageant participant, winning the runner-up for Miss Texas USA in 1984." Someone doesn't have their facts straight, but then again Debra got around - in more ways than one. She went on to marry "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, only to have him physically abuse her.

Regardless, Believe & achieve. Believe and achieve, kids.

And don't let your dreams stop at football or sports entertainment.

Bernie Kosar proves that even jocks can reach their goals when they set their minds to it. Hell, looking at Bernie, they can even do your taxes.

His 1992 Pro Line Profile card states "Bernie Kosar is not your typical professional athlete. He negotiates his own contracts and manages his own investments."

I don't doubt it. He looks like a real David Kleinfeld.

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