Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Doggy pees anywhere he wants

It's obvious the staff of HHR are huge Mike and the Mad Dog fans. We like them a lot. 

A lot. 

I won't say we like them because of their opinions, more for their back and forth banter, Russo screaming like a lunatic at the drop of a flash (with Minko) and Mike 'ugggghhhs' 'ummmmmsss' and 'uuuuuuuuuu' when pondering any question or recalling nuggets of useless information from the past. 

A lot

In the eight plus years I have been listening, today's conversation has to rank in the top five funniest arguments of the show's history. The discussion was the new Yankee Stadium. Mike arguing it's well past due, the Dog saying 'the current stadium is fine and doesn't need any type of change.' Now, right there, I realize the Dog is in one of his 'let's fire up the Yankee fans' moods, because anyone who has stepped foot in Babe's house in the past decade knows the place is a dump. Field gorgeous, everything else looks like the NY/NJ Port Authority. 

 The argument soon turned to the bathroom situation in some of today's most popular ballparks.  Apparently both Mike and the Dog go pee. A lot.  

Are they still talking about bathrooms, or just GOING to the bathroom. These are older gentlemen, so the need to urinate comes more frequently and with greater urgency.

Like the commercial says, it seems Mike and the Dogs' going problem, is a growing problem.

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The Professor said...

I still wish to this day I could get my hands on a copy of Doggie's rant from 4 or 5 years ago. It was a saturday morning (I think). He was flying solo. and I think his SF Giants had just been eliminated from playoff contention.

Doggie went on this ludicrous rant for 15 minutes screaming like an absolute crazy man asking "WHY?!?!?" and "JUST ONCE!!!" about seeing his Giants win a championship.

Greatest radio I ever heard.