Friday, March 21, 2008

Fake coach scams restaurants with 'team' orders

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Times must be getting rough for old Zeke. He knows he is on his way out. He could go down as the worst coach and GM in NBA history. His office hijinx caused the franchise a boatload of dough. And now he could be passing off bad checks...

Police are looking for a man who pretends to be a basketball coach and scams McDonald's restaurants out of food and money using bad checks.

Police say the man drives up in a school-type bus and enters the restaurants ordering about $50 of food for his "team." The man then pays with a $150 check that appears to be from a school district and takes his food and his change, in cash.

That's just like Zeke. Pretending to be a coach. Paying three times the amount of money that something is worth.

And after all Zeke and Mickey D's have been through....

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