Friday, March 14, 2008

The Fantasy Fog

With folks undertaking fantasy baseball drafts across the country, today we introduce a new velvety segment to HHR from contributer "The Fantasy Fog." He really has no qualifications to consider himself an "expert" other than the fact that he is a knowledgeable fan who pays attention, a fantasy player and has a pulse, a brain and a keyboard. And, really, doesn't that describe any other "fantasy expert" you know?


Smelly Yanks rotation: Chang is the only real reliable starter and usually I never draft him. Despite his high win totals each year, I rather take pitchers who strike people out. I rather have Snell, John Maine, Gallardo, Rich Hill..etc. Mussina is a fifth starter…in the National League. Fans will lose patience with this sensitive country boy and he will be drawn to tears. He will probably go on the DL to save face. Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes are decent value picks late, but I would not be surprised if either didn’t pan out. Hughes near no hitter put him in good fantasy graces, but his velocity is way down this spring. You never know what you are going to get with Pettitte. His elbow has to be hanging by a micro thread from those cutters he throws 97% of the time. He is not the strikeout man he used to be and it seems like he follows up a great start with a terrible start. The Yankees offense seems to bail him out…alot. I guess it is reward for all the losing streaks he ended years ago. That killer AL East can really hammer good pitchers ERA’s. Or in the Yankees case; average pitchers. Fantasy wise I am staying away from these guys till late in drafts. It actually seems like I am drafting “old” Yankee pitchers before the current guys. Randy Johnson, Vazquez, Weaver. O yeah I am a Yankee fan.

Outfielder Depth
: I have found that OF is not as deep as everyone thinks it is. The outfield position is filled with 3rd or 4th outfield types that have mid-low 2 upside. There is not a lot of 1 tier depth at outfield. I still think Manny can be a #1 OF and is going rather cheap-third or fourth round. Trust me if you don’t have some decent OF’s you will see the lack of depth pretty early in the draft.

#2 isn’t all that bad: That is what my wife said. She could not grab that elite tier guy, so she had to settle. Markakis, Rios, Byrnes, and Corey Hart make A LOT better #2 then they do 1’s. I guess that is why I like those guys.(coming in second and all) With that being said, if you draft two second tier guys in a row, around the 5th or 6th, you will not have to worry for a while and take care of your other needs. That is assuming you do not grab a Beltran, Soriano, or Crawford type. Don’t think for one second my wife isn’t still looking to upgrade.

Four Outfielders: Love those four OF leagues. Three isn’t enough “action” for me anyway. Those leagues open the door more on taking a chance on the next Cory Hart, Victorino types. Having two active Catchers is like having 2 junkie classic cars on your front lawn, when for the same price you can buy a Honda Civic.

SaB: In researching 1b in one of my online drafts, I again noticed the strange resemblance of Lance Berkman and NASCAR nasty boy Tony Stewart. The good ole #20 should not complain too much about tires. That fifth tire under his belt probably put his car over the limit.

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