Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jason Klye, LB, CEO

As if a sports story from Men's Vogue wasn't an obscure enough post for you, Inc. Magazine spotlighted Panthers' linebacker Jason Kyle's foray into the boardroom in this month's Finance section.

Recently, Kyle, a 13-year vet, partnered with consulting company Arizona Bay to develop a company called Pro Player Connect, "an online hub that would connect professional athletes with local sponsorship deals, promotional contracts, and free and discounted promotional gear" capitalizing on the sports endorsement industry "worth nearly $1 billion and has only recently begun migrating to the Web."

According to the article, "Pro Player Connect has attracted some high-profile investors--football veterans Vinny Testaverde and Christian Fauria, as well as NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip."

It is refreshing to see athletes, like Kyle and former Chief John Alt, drifting away from the post-career broadcasting or coaching roles and using their contacts and financial resources to not only develop income for themselves, but to create similar avenues for their contemporaries.

Alt, according to his bio at Performance Health Technologies, "currently serves as Investment Consultant through Linsco/Private Ledger, the country's largest independent brokerage firm. Mr. Alt's primary responsibilities include working with professional football players to assist them with their investment and estate planning needs."

And you thought Lenny Dykstra had cornered the market.

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