Monday, March 3, 2008

Kentucky Superfan is Bubba's Good Luck Charm


This is one endorser we could get behind. Bazzzzing!

"A new addition to the HRC trail is actress Ashley Judd, who dropped by an airplane hangar rally to introduce former president Bill Clinton in Abilene, TX, last night."

From Hotline Blog: Clinton said that Judd joined him because "she just happened to be here" and affectionately noted that, "In 1996, she introduced me once in her native Kentucky, and we won Kentucky in 1996. So I hope she's our good luck charm, and you'll win Texas for Hillary." he added.

With her beloved Wildcats unranked at 16-11, her luck may have run out. But it's Ashley Judd, so who cares!

Personally, I liked this editorial line: "Bill, perched against the cab of the pickup truck from which both made their remarks, looked on appreciatively."

You're damn right he did.
I'd hit that.

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