Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kevin Youkilis is Hungry

We've mentioned Jerry Remy's exhaustion, but little did we realize what the players were dealing with. According to Kevin Youkilis, it's the time change of course, but his thoughts clearly gravitate towards fine dining.

From Youkilis' blog, Yooooouuuuukkkkk*
...Food-wise, a lot of us are looking forward to having the comforts of home

...You get an even bigger respect for them [Dice K & Okajima] and you understand what they go through. It takes a toll on you to have to deal with the other culture, and finding food. It's very tough for those guys to find stuff that tastes like home. I think people don't realize how tough it is and now we've gotten a taste of it.

...I'll definitely remember the city and all the great things we saw and the overall experience of being in another country. Of course, I'll remember the food -- and how good it was
...For us, it was just fun to go around and eat the sushi and the Matsuzaka beef, stuff like that, just to try new things.

...It's funny because you eat a lot of sushi here and the next day you feel really light and you feel like you lost weight. That's a little different than American food, where you eat a lot and you feel like you're gaining weight. That's probably the one thing we'll take away is that maybe eating a lot of sushi is healthy for you. Maybe I'll implement it in the diet a little more once we get back home.

Well this solves a couple of problems. Not only will Youkilis fight off starvation eating "a lot of sushi," but we can now expect to see fewer beached whales in New England this year. We're gonna invest in Kikkoman right away.

Take it from Youk: a lot of shushi requires a lot of sake.

*Seriously, why the extra k's? I get the long vowels, but k's? And what about the lack of exclamation points at the end? I'm gonna write a letter.

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CR Dunbar said...

The real question is why Youk finds it acceptable to eat Matsuzaka's beef while in Japan.

I know that he is popular over there, but come on.