Friday, March 28, 2008

Lost Tribe of America

While I am not an expert on early North American history by any means, I do consider myself a seeker of knowledge. For the last 8 years Willard and I have sought to uncover the secrets of the ancient Yapapie Indians known for their brutal, ritualistic strap matches.

This has bewildered us. Every since Hollywood Hulk Hogan brought up the tribe in a Nitro promo years ago, we have sought to enlighten ourselves (and the world) on this extinct culture.

To date, we have been unsuccessful. In fact, the only known mention of the tribe has been on the aforementioned Nitro broadcast, and perhaps an occasional DDTDigest post (long live Charlie & Chan).

If you have any information about the Yapapie Indians, or if in fact you are a Yapapie Indian (or descendant of one), inquiring minds want to know. Please contact us.

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