Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Blandness

I am not watching the NCAA tournament.


Just not interested. Save the reasons. Top level basketball. Anyone can win. Upsets. Cinderella stories. Buzzer beaters.


Never really got into college basketball. Sure I've watched games over the years. I only remember one. Laettner's last second shot. The only reason I remember is because I was in high school and over a friend's house when it happened. The girl I had a crush on commented on how hot she thought he was in the post game interview. The next day I asked the barber for the Brandon Walsh pompadour and started filling in my lack of sideburns with a brown coloring pencils. Except for the height, talent, age, and me being straight, you couldn't tell us apart.

Used to skip classes in college to watch in the dorms. Everyone else did it. Once took off an entire day of work to watch the Friday games. Why? My friends all took off. Who wants to sit at work knowing your friends are all sitting home or at a bar, watching games and drinking beer while you read Popsugar and peek over the cubicle wall and pretend you aren't staring at your co-workers cleavage. (It's his fault for wearing such revealing tops).

I even went to two colleges (not the sharpest knife) that were both dominated by the basketball teams. Never went to one game. My college roommate for two years actually played basketball. Still never went. Wished him luck though. Told him which party I'd meet him at afterwards.

Could have been my upbringing. Not a basketball fan in the entire tree. Could have been the fact I am 5'6 in work shoes and can't dribble without looking down.

A few years ago, knowing even less about college basketball then I do now, I entered an NCAA bracket pool at work. Out of 85 entrants I came in fourth. I won $485 dollars. I can't take a sport seriously where I can guess at over 50 games and get them correct while an actual fan can't pick better than me.

So, I've decided I am not going to watch a single minute. I am sure there are people who will watch every moment of every game. Good for them.

American History X, TNA Impact, Figure skating championship on the World Wide Leader.

I'll be fine.

Hot damn a Dr. 90210 marathon starting tomorrow. Might have to call out after all.

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