Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mitch Williams Goes Wild on CYO Girls Hoops Official, Banned from Games

Photo: NYT/Rusty Kennedy/AP

According to the Daily News' Dan Gross, Wild Thing Mitch Williams flew off the handle dropping the f-bomb at a female official during his 5th grade daughter's CYO basketball game after a lack of calls.

His justification, "I'm emotional when it comes to my kids. What I saw happening was completely unfair."

Said ref overseer Ron Martin,called St. Mary of the Lakes (Mitchie Poo's daughter's team) to say that although the season ended last night, if Williams "is going to appear at any games next year, we will not officiate them. If he enters the gym in the middle of a game, we will stop officiating. A lot of people challenge calls, but when someone hits on one of the magic words, we can't tolerate that stuff."

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