Monday, March 24, 2008

Remy-san Reports from Japan

I was all set to visit Japan someday, but now thanks to the miracle of audio, the internets, the human ear, a mediocre digital recorder, and Jerry Remy, I feel like I've already been there. That's like $1,000 saved. Or as Remy notes in the March 21 audio below, roughly 92,000 Yen. He also mentions that due to jet lag and the time difference he has felt like a 'babbling fool.' So clearly, the RemDawg has achieved a Zen-like clarity enabling to see himself as others do. Kudos.

Highlights from the RemDawg's Japanese trip so far include
  • Wanting to jump from the plane
  • Going to "See the Sights" (the hotel has a nice lobby!)
  • As of March 21 he was halfway through the $500 US (46,000 Yen!) with 4 days to go. Which begs the question, is he still alive?
  • There's plenty of Sumo wrestling on TV - 24/7. "Big guys in Diapers"
  • Many people speak English
  • He will be signing up members of RemDawg Nation. (Kill me. Please. Queer Eye for the Sox Guy was less embarassing than this. If that ever really happened).
  • He's been there since Friday and hasn't yet done a game.
Take a listen yourself!
March 21

March 22

So in summation, it's good to be Jerry Remy. Especially if you are obsessed with the effects of time zones on your mental and physical well being. You'd think he was part of a NIH research project or something. I fully expect him to come back refreshed and with a cure for Parkinsons.

If you don't know the source of that picture, you really need to see this. I'm pretty sure it's the song dancing in Dice-K's head at all times (Must... Destroy... All... Foreign... Sauces....)

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